1400238219211Ceramic Dental Implants

Our office is pleased to announce that we are also placing the new Straumann PURE ceramic dental implant in addition to the other Straumann titanium implants. This is a welcome addition as it will give patients a choice in their treatment. It has been shown that many patients would prefer to have what they perceive is a “non‐metal dental implant”. 

Patient fractured tooth Immediate Extraction, Implant Placement of the ceramic PURE dental implant & Immediate Provisional. 

                ONE week post op! Terrific Soft Tissue Healing, Amazing Patient Acceptance, Beautiful Results!

The Straumann PURE ceramic implant has gone through rigorous testing over the last few years to prove its durability. It has met or exceeded the criteria which will make it an extremely predictable and valuable addition to the services that we provide for our patients. When used in the appropriate clinical circumstances it can provide a highly esthetic restoration for both single tooth as well as multiple tooth restorations. The ivory colored implant is made of a high performance Zirconia Y‐TZP.

 Patient’s acceptance of a white or ivory colored implant has been gratifying as many   would prefer not to have a metal implant.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the Straumann PURE ceramic implant or any aspect of implant Dentistry and periodontics. It is our pleasure to help your office provide the highest quality of care for your patients.